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Energy Exchange with Eve

Welcome to Energy Exchange with Eve. The main objective is to make connections with others and most importantly our higher-self. Consider this an upgrade to your current life. I've always been told that I have great energy physically and spiritually. Through this site you get access to that energy. Together we will become the best versions of ourselves mind body and spirt. 

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Ivelisse Campbell also known as Eve

Ensuring that All Needs Are Met

   I am in my early 40's, mother of three from NYC. I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor (affa) licensed to teach Zumba. As well as a certified Woman's Fitness Specialist (nasm) and a Mental Toughness coach (nasm).  Currently enrolled to become a certified Nutritionist and Personal trainer (nasm). I am a Reiki practitioner and a spiritist. I combine all of my passions, talents, education and experience in assisting you in your POWER. Together we tap into all the abilities and skills you posses. I am excited with life and the power of manifesting the best possible outcomes as we reach our fitness and overall wellness goals.


 Our fitness family

My absolute favorite thing about our classes and programs is witnessing the consistency of some participants and watching them progress in their goals. Gaining mobility, movement and confidence all while wearing a huge smile on their face.  It is fun achieving life goals and making positive adjustments. To join our fitness family  and become part of the community, click the Buy me a coffee link below

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